Early Budget- Sign of a Good Governance

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Philippine President just signed the budget for 2011. This is the first time after eleven years that the budgets are finish before the year intended (That is in the first place the use of budget). These also shows that times are changing for the good and people are doing what they supposed to do. The national budget is (if early) are very effective in pursuing the various factions that the government wants to utilize and projects to accomplish early in P-Noy’s presidential term. The budget also cut expenses for the project which are obsolete and not working effectively for years.
Hope the budget will be enough and be properly distributed. Additionally, hope they continue to check and monitor the progress of various projects which will have funds for 2011.


Kamila said...

uyyy salamat sa laging pagdalaw sa blog ko.. hmm.. talaga may budget na? sana masunod lahat ng yan.. gusto ko din naman kung ano mabuti sa country natin eh.. hay.. sana lang

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